Our Organized Chaos

Oh the humanity!! I can’t believe I’m going to show you the mess that we’re living in! HA…

Just kidding. I’ve been extra lazy this week, and I can’t say I mind for once :) The boxes will get unpacked as we slowly get organized….so please, no judging! We are thoroughly enjoying our new home!

So let’s start off in the entryway:

Ross & I inherited this hutch from my family. I think it’s such a unique piece to own and glad that it fit nicely in the den, since it was the only place I could find to put it!

And of course, you can’t ignore my long awaited piano! In our 4 days of waiting for tv & internet to be hooked up, I’ve reacquainted myself with the music I used to be able to play! It’s gotten pretty ugly since then :)

Next up, the living room. Dakota LOVES to sunbathe….

Don’t you just the love the RED couch and GREEN carpet? Feels like Christmas already. (just kidding!)

The other side of the living room…

Dining Room:

Ross has made it a bad habit to throw his work clothes on the dining room chair every night after work. I vow to break his habit!! AH.

Next up, Kitchen:

My favorite part of the kitchen? The big window behind the sink that looks out into our private backyard (complete with pretty purple flowers of some sort…my mom could tell you what they are, but I have no clue!! HA)

Here’s the small bathroom we’ve currently been using. The shower is SMALL, the entire bathroom is SMALL…but functional. And yes, the walls are pink (and brown, though you can’t see it). And NO…this is not the bathroom I nicknamed ‘the pink bathroom.’ That one is MUCH worse…let’s just say – pink bathtub, pink tile, pink walls….eek. This is somehow the better of the 2 bathrooms. But hey, at least I spackled before moving in (see above the toilet!). And one day I’ll get around to painting it :)

And then we have the 3rd bedroom/office. Again, we didn’t get around to painting this, even though I have paint samples on the walls. We’ll use this room for our computer and random workout gear for now.

Master Bedroom:

Here’s what you see when you walk in. I originally planned on putting a nice sitting chair and decor elements in the entrance, but functionality rules and I needed a place to do my hair :) So here it will stay until I find a better place for my hair stuff.

You know what I love most about our bed? The 2 matching bedside tables :) HAHA….it’s the simple things in life. For whatever reason, Ross & I dealt with mismatched (or none!) bedside tables since we’ve been married. But since my mom & dad recently bought new bedside tables, they passed on their old set to us! I plan to repurpose them somehow. But for now….functionality wins again!

I can tell you Ross’ favorite part of the bedroom. Take a look from our bed:

And see that little thing on our lightswitch?

Don’t call us lazy…that would just be our remote control for our CEILING FAN! Ahahahaha. Heaven forbid I have to walk 5 steps to adjust the setting :) This is Ross’ 2nd favorite item in the bedroom!

Next up, the walk-in closet. Which is embarrasing how FILLED it already is. So here goes nothing:

And I promise you, about half of my wardrobe is from high school. I haven’t gone shopping since before Xmas thanks to the house eating up our paychecks! HA. And the other half of my closet? About 6 white t-shirts, and 5 gray t-shirts….which I forbid to donate any of them, b/c I like them all for different reasons. So maybe that’s my wardrobe has no variety??

Here’s the 2nd bedroom, aka storage space!

 And yes, one wall is pink, the other is green. Not sure how anyone comes up with that combination!! haha

And last but not least…the pink bathroom:

So what could make a pink bathroom even worse? Possibly the green striped shower curtain! haha  It’s what I had in our last apartment, and just threw it up, even though we’re not using this bathroom at all.

But now that I think about it…doesn’t this bathroom match the 2nd bedroom too perfectly?!?! HA

Well, that’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed our cluttered house :) I know we sure do.



6 responses to “Our Organized Chaos

  1. Nice work, Kristin! I like the neutral colors that you’ve used. You can always change it up with some accents here and there, without too much work. (I wish I would remember that when I’m painting. . . but those colors at Home Depot are soooo tempting!) Can’t wait to see it in person.
    Oh- and that bush is def. a rhody. I’m not sure about deer eating it, though, because the leaves are poisonous.

  2. I can’t believe this is the same house! you’ve done a great job making it look fresh and stylish! Couple thoughts: uhh… so are you saying Ross gets naked in the dining room every day?; we have never had matching bed side tables either :( ; the bush outside your kitchen- rhododendron (I’m fairly certain); my bathroom has spackling on the walls too!

    • HA! Yes, Ross used to change in the dining room b/c it was adjacent to the bedroom and he could throw his clothes on the chair, but he is already changing his ways :) Good things our neighbors can’t see in!! I think my mom called it a rhododendron, so thank you for reminding me! Apparently deer love to eat them…but Dakota is our guard dog :) So far so good!!

  3. It really looks fantastic! I can’t wait to see it the next time I’m in town. You guys really did a wonderful job with all the renovations you put in to place before moving in :) So excited & happy for you guys!!!

  4. Thanks Aunt Beth! I look forward to coming home after work for the simple fact that I love our house!! I can’t wait for you to see it in person…the pictures don’t do it justice :)

  5. LOVE IT, KRISTIN!!! And I love the desk that you got from your mom’s house…and the piano!!! I can’t wait to see your home in person. YOu’ve done such a super job.

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