This weekend, Ross & I were down at OhioPyle State Park camping with friends for the long weekend. On Saturday, we finally took advantage of checking out Fallingwater while the rest of our group was white-water rafting.

We’ve been wanting to see Fallingwater for the longest time, but never took the chance or wanted to spend the money! Since my back is still healing and Ross’ hand is injured, there wasn’t anything more adventurous for us to do but check out one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous pieces. But I’m sure glad we did!

The grounds leading up to the house were beautiful in itself…..

I couldn’t help but keep snapping photos as the rest of our tour group was walking along!….

Ross pointed out how much he  liked this tree, so I snapped away. And look how beautiful it came out! I just might add this to our collection of wall art :)  Of course, there’s never a time when a little PhotoShop can’t help but to emphasive its features…

And then on to the house! You’re not allowed to take photos inside the house, but they did have a gorgeous view carved out across the river where I snapped a few more pictures… 

Frank Lloyd Wright certainly did have the right ideas when he was designing this house.

And it just makes me wonder what any current home developer is thinking when they come to build a new housing plan, and mow down all the trees and landscaping before building. How could you possibly say ‘No’ to this scenery and the beauty of the land?!!

I didn’t get any pictures from our actual camping trip, but it was nothing more beautiful than what you already saw here :)



One response to “Fallingwater

  1. Falling waters is truly beautiful, Frank Lloyd Wright knew what he was doing:)

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