Fresh Coat of Paint

The small bathroom that Ross & I have been using since moving into our house a few weeks ago, finally has a fresh coat of paint!! No more spackle showing on these walls :) I painted it the same color as our kitchen, a light beige, since this bathroom is right off of the kitchen and I wanted a cohesive look, as well as a neutral color. We also finally installed our new bathroom hardware for our towels that I purchased at IKEA a few weeks ago. The first time I installed the toilet paper holder, it was loose since it wasn’t really secured into anything. A quick trip to Lowe’s to buy wall anchors was the fix!! And I will brag mention that the trip was done with me alone, and no guy telling me what I would need to buy…I knew just what I needed to get the job done!

Here’s a look back at the ‘before’:

That would be pink on the walls. Yuck.

And the ‘after’:

Ross & I still want to switch out the light fixture, and possibly replace the mirror one day…but for now, the paint color has made such an improvement, that I’m happy to live with it ‘as is’ for the time being!

Another ‘before’:

This wall originally had a built-in medicine cabinet, but it didn’t make sense to me to have 2 mirrors adjacent to each other, so we removed it. I thought about putting ‘built-in’ shelves in this wall too, but alas, since this will eventually be a guest bathroom one day, I didn’t want anyone looking at our ‘clutter’ so I patched it up. The entire wall needed to be patched and then mudded, sanded & primed.


Please excuse the hubs clutter :) Like the new IKEA towel holder? Sure beats laying the towel on the sink like in the ‘before’ photo. And this thing is as sturdy as can be thanks to those wall anchors!


Yes, that back wall is dark brown. Still not sure how people come up with these color combinations!


So refreshing :) It all looks so clean and put together finally.

Do you like our other new IKEA towel holders?

I thought they were a little more whimsical than just putting up a towel ‘bar’ to hang our towels. Besides, I wouldn’t be able to pay the hubs to fold his towel on a daily basis, so hanging them was a way to please everyone!

Next up on my agenda…finally finishing our Living Room window treatments :) I can’t wait!



One response to “Fresh Coat of Paint

  1. The bathroom looks a million times better! Nice job – I’m so proud :)

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