House Tour

Welcome to our humble abode.

Ugly black fireplace? check. Cat mailbox? check. Hardwood floors hidden beneath carpet? check!

Let’s start the tour…..

Here is the exterior:

And before we head inside, let’s look at the highlight of the exterior. HA!

Through the front door, you head into the entryway, which leads to the den, or at least, that’s what we’ll make it.

Second view of the den from the sunk-in living room. At first, I hated the outdated sunk-in living room, but now it’s grown on me and I love the old charm. I can’t wait to tackle the wood paneling!

View of the living room:

Don’t you love the big windows?! But notice the black fireplace?

I think we’ll paint it white to make it a bit more modern and lighten the room up a bit.

Here’s the view of the living room from the other side of the room. It leads into the dining room (where miscellaneous furniture was left behind…score! I plan to refurbish it :)

The dining room leads into the Kitchen. You can ignore the drawer that’s just hanging out on the countertop…the track is broken. Just one more project to add to our to-do list! Oh, and believe me when I tell you that the half wall in the kitchen is painted with purple stripes! HA! I’ll get you a picture soon…

Bedroom #1, that will be made into the master bedroom. We think they were using it as an office?!

Bedroom #2…no thrills:

Lastly, Ross favorite room of the house, the Garage! A 2-car garage, as a matter of fact :) Fortunate for us since there is actually no basement (or attic) in the house, this will become our main storage area, and hopefully still be able to park 2 cars. Good for us since we don’t like to keep a lot of clutter, but still a challenge nonetheless.

Let the projects begin!


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